This article examines the “dual globalization” phenomenon in connection with the “global stress society”. It is organized into four main parts. The first part examines the concept, factors, characteristics, and consequences of stress. The second part focuses on the concept and periodization of globalization while the third part examines the relationship between globalization and pressure, tension, anxiety and risk in light of main stress factors and the conceptual components of globalization. In the fourth part, the article critiques the concept of dual globalization on the basis of Bourdieu’s theory of “symbolic violence” and its relationship to hidden stress. The main initial assumption of the article is the existence of two globalization trends, one explaining that of the real world (first world) and another articulating the virtual world (second world). Simultaneous or instant connections between the real and the virtual worlds have created the stress of duality and by extension the “global stress society” that differentiates the current world from that of modernity.